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Release of GBMC’s fifth (e)Book: “Mastering Japan Business”

Release of GBMC's fifth (e)Book:

Mastering Japan Business
by Philippe Huysveld
“Japan Series”: Book/Livre V

A reference Book for non-Japanese executives about “How to do business in Japan”!
“This book, by Philippe Huysveld of GBMC, is targeted at business executives of companies:
• approaching the Japanese Market,
• reviewing their options in terms of Japan Entry Strategy,
• already exporting to Japan (Indirect Sales) or,
• already [...]

Third edition of the (e)Book “The Ultimate Survival Guide for Business in Japan”

The Ultimate Survival Guide for Business in Japan
by Philippe Huysveld
“Japan Series”: Book/Livre II

“The first edition of this book was released under digital format (eBook) in 2014. In 2015, a second edition of the eBook was released, containing, besides minor changes here and there, two important additions: Chapter VII about “the Japanese Consumer Mindset” and [...]

The EU Single Market: an attractive destination for Japanese FDI !

By Philippe Huysveld / GBMC
(Global Business & Management Consulting)

The EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation has just released 2 major Publications about the EU and its Single Market, as an attractive destination for Japanese investors. The link to the Centre’s Publication page is:
GBMC heavily contributed, as main author, to the Destination Europe Project, among others, carrying Interviews [...]